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Personalized Learning with Flexibility

We want to welcome you to Birdville Online Learning Programs. Listen, we understand school is changing. When I was in school, my teacher stood at the front of the classroom and lectured to students, myself included, sitting in neat rows of desks. I learned math, spelling and social studies the same exact way as my classmates did — right from the school district’s curriculum guide. Truth be told, while some of us learned all of the information delivered to us, most did not.
I had a good education, but I think students today have an even bigger advantage. Because today your child has more options at their fingertips than we did. Today's students have classrooms that are being designed with personalized learning in mind, and modern technology is advancing that agenda. Today, these "classrooms" no longer have walls. 
Our online learning programs include interactive exercises designed to help students learn in an interesting and intuitive way. They fuse the relationship between assessment and real time learning. Imagine a student trying to identify the different components of the human cell as they appear on their screen, all while the software records the time spent and success rate. All of this is being done as quickly as you can blink your eye.
This is the beauty of online learning! Where video-based lessons focus on developing students' understanding of the content and their real-world applications. Where diagnostic pre-tests ensure that instruction is individualized for each student. This is not an easier way to can be challenging but the dividends from your child's hard work will be evident.
See your counselor today to see if online learning is a good fit for you or if you have any questions, please contact me at your earliest convenience.
Carol Adcock
Coordinator of Online Learning & Advanced Studies