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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Jennifer Miller
Digital Learning Specialist: Learning Resources
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Jennifer Miller has a 17 year career serving Learning Technology public education platforms in Texas and is in the final stages of completing a PhD in Learning Technologies and Cognitive Systems at the University of North Texas. Jennifer is a curriculum designer and learning technology expert specializing in STEM K12 integration initiatives. Jennifer received a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Systems, a Master Technology Teaching certificate, Texas Principal Certificate, TCEA Technology Director Certificate, Business Teaching Certificate, and Technology Applications K12 Teaching Certificate. Jennifer has served as a District Technology Coordinator and District Instructional Technologist where she led a 1:1 K12 initiative in 2010. Jennifer is the proud mother of Zeke and Nolan Miller, students attending North Ridge Elementary and North Ridge Middle School at Birdville ISD. 
Jennifer currently serves as a Digital Learning Specialist investigating and building a Learning Resources platform for Birdville ISD. Jennifer created a NASA STEAM camp curriculum with New Jersey Sandra Wozniak. STEAM camp was implemented in 2011, with a research pilot study in rural Texas during the summer of 2012. Jennifer also assisted with the NASA MMS Student Launch party and has developed two Massive Open Online Courses through Canvas's Open Network highlighting NASA MMS Education Outreach programs. Jennifer successfully implemented research initiatives to study student attitudes and perspectives during STEAM camp and in a middle school robotics program the last three years with the University of North Texas. Jennifer has served as an adjunct professor for 3 years and has served K12 public education in Texas for 17 years. After launching the first NASA MMS 3D fabrication K12 student printing program during the Summer 2012 STEAM campm the STEAM camp program and research study was featured at Texas ASCD 2012, ASCD 2013, TCEA 2013, SITE 2013, SITE 2014, ISTE 2012, ISTE 2013 and ISTE 2014. Jennifer's work with NASA education makerspace was featured in May 2015 at San Francisco Bay's Makerfare. She has done extensive research in STEM and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) education and has been awarded federal, state, and local grant funding for her research initiatives. 

Jennifer Miller