Shannon High School
6010 Walker St. • Haltom City, TX 76117-4216
817-547-5400 • FAX 817-831-5847

School Profile

Yes we can!

  • Principal: David Williams
  • Assistant Principal: Richard Darr
  • Counselors:
    • Pam Miller
    • Brent Cumbie, Crisis
    • Jimm Harper, Sp. Ed.
  • 2015-2016 Enrollment: 220
  • TEA Rating: 
  • Mascot: Shamrocks
  • Colors: Green and White
  • Year Built: 1947
  • Last Renovation/Upgrade: 2016
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Mission: Shannon Education Center houses many BISD programs including:

  • The Learning Center, BISD's high school of choice for high school students.
  • The District Alternative Education Placement (DAEP), a program for students who have not complied with the rules of their home campus. 
  • The BISD Career Center, programs include: auto technology, business education, cosmetology, marketing, media technology, and construction technology. 
  • The Assisting School-Aged Parents program, assists pregnant or parenting teenagers in continuing their education. 
  • The Keeping Effective Educational Programs for Students, (KEEPS) helps students ages 17 to 21 earn their GED. 
  • A Credit Recovery Lab which assists students re-capture credits for classes taken and failed in the home campus.
  • An Intensive Behavior Class for students with special behavioral needs.


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